Bushwick Northwest persists thanks to generous support from the community and members
All contributions are 100% tax-deductible

$1000 can sponsor one in-school STYLE recording studio day

$500 can underwrite performer stipends for one Bushwick mainstage show, or provide a STYLE assembly scholarship to a Title I elementary school – & score you an Editor-level membership in addition!

$250 can sponsor one full classroom day from a STYLE teaching artist, or cover one venue rental for Bushwick programming

$100 can provide two produced instrumental tracks for STYLE, or fund poster artwork for a Bushwick performance

$50 can provide one hour of studio recording time for a Bushwick performer (check out the archives), or underwrite one STYLE classroom webpage

The funds raised from our 2017 campaign allowed STYLE to offer scholarships to several Title I schools regionally while continuing to present school assembly programs nationally and helped The Bushwick Book Club Seattle expand both the scope of mainstage productions (including events with Lindy West and KEXP’s DJ Riz) and recordings to document the output.

Join us for Tunes & Tales 2018 on May 12 as we work to bring STYLE to even more underserved schools and continue to increase Bushwick collaborations and the depth of our performer-roster.

Thank you for your gifts!