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What is learning with STYLE?

Learning with STYLE is a program that combines analyzation of literature, collaboration and songwriting. Offering 5-day residencies and50 minute Assemblies, STYLE Teaching Artists come into your school and work with your students to write music inspired by the reading they are doing in class.  For example, say your class has just finished reading Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, now it’s time for them to do an assessment of their learning, right? Instead of having them write a paper or take a test, STYLE Teaching Artists use a collaborative model to engage the students in assessment through dialogue and songwriting.

Can STYLE come to my school?

We certainly can!  We are a available to work at any school within the United States.

We are based in Seattle, and all you need to do is send us a message to start the booking process.

STYLE’s 5-day residencies (grades 6 – 12) are a perfect way to engage students at all levels in the Language Arts Classroom. This is unique approach to the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills.

The assembly program (grades pre K-5) is just that! We come into the school and deliver a songwriting lesson that ties into a book offered in our assemblies selections. Or, if you have another book in mind please contact us here. We are happy to work with you.

Custom programs are available on request.

What will students learn?

STYLE seeks to connect the power of music with the necessary skills that it takes to analyze literature, communicate effectively with peers, use strong writing devices, collaborate and more.

In other words, STYLE uses music to make learning exciting again! In addition, STYLE is built around The Common Core State Standards developed for use in schools and adopted by 46 out of the 50 states.  In addition, STYLE brings into use the skills and concepts behind 21st Century Skills.

Why is songwriting important?

As the use of such 21st century skills as Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Creativity become the benchmark for our students, songwriting incorporates those skills in a fun and engaging way. For example, when you learned the ABCs, you didn’t just learn the letters, you learned a song. Can you sing it now? Oh no, it’s stuck in my head!

Numerous studies show higher test scores, Improved memory, enhanced/highly focused learning, advanced reading skills, larger vocabularies, better teamwork skills and so much more…

Will my students be featured on the website?

We hope so!

Students are asked to fill out a release form so we are able feature them on the website.  This could be a picture, a drawing or even their class song.  In order for a class song to be featured on the website, all students in the class must have release form filled out. Students will have access to the song regardless, but to be featured on the website we must have the signature of the Parent or Guardian.

Do the students need to be musically efficient?


Our STYLE teaching artists are professional musicians and lead the residency experience in a way that engages all levels of musicians.

Students who already have musical knowledge and experience will get as much out of this program as those who have none.  We also find that many students have yet to determine whether they are musical or not.  Perhaps this will be the turning point for them. Working together, every student will have a high quality learning experience.

What books are offered in the program?

In our 5-day residency program, we have a group of featured books that are ready for you and your school. We also are ready to work with a book special for your school. Check out our programs page to find out more information about what we offer. Or connect with us and we can design a program just for you!

In our Assemblies program, you can choose from our list of books designed to engage students at different grade levels.  In our early childhood development programs (K-2), we choose books that students are very likely to be familiar with either from classroom experience or reading at home. In our elementary program (3-6), we focus on read aloud books that have strong content and powerful student connection.  Check out our programs page for more information.

My book is not listed, but can you still do it?


Contact our staff to work out the details.

How much does it cost?

Connect with us to find out more about what the cost would be for STYLE Teaching Artists to come to your school.

How can I get involved?

We would love to discuss you joining the STYLE team and The Bushwick Book Club Seattle in bringing literature and music to our area schools.  Let’s build the next generation of musicians and readers together! Contact us here for any inquiries into joining our team.

How do I book Style?

The STYLE Program is available to all schools, libraries, after school programs and event planners.  For booking, please email us here.

What schools do you service?

We service schools of all grade levels K – 12. The program pricing may vary depending on location, number of students and other factors. STYLE is currently based in the Seattle area and has served schools throughout the Puget Sound region and throughout the country.

Are you only in the Seattle area?

We would be more than happy to travel to your school to work with your students. We recommend to work with your school district to book multiple schools in your area in order keep costs down.  We would love to reach out to as many students as possible.

Why are you qualified to teach my student/kid?

Our STYLE Teaching Artists are both professional musicians as well as classroom trained teachers. We’ve worked with School Districts all over the country, are apart of the Seattle School Districts Creative Advantage roster. Professional training continues all through the school year.

We are a Washington State non-profit and have received grants for our work from 4 Culture, The Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and many more. We are also a Shunpike supported organization.

Learn more about our staff here.

Are there any grant writing opportunities?

There are certainly many granting opportunities. These grants can come from our own applications depending on a schools situations, but also from your own schools foundational support and PTSA organizations.

We are happy to help you out with any grant application needs. Just let us know your interest level, and we can move forwards with any application.

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