Native American Storytelling and Music with Sondra Segundo

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Native American Storytelling and Music

Let’s collaborate together through the inspiration of books!
45min single class (All grades)

Native American storyteller and musician Sondra Segundo brings stories from the Haida Nation to students in a traditional and engaging style. After a Read-Aloud of her picture book, Lovebirds(or other), Sondra conjures discussions with students that lead to the creation of an original song inspired by how the story connects with their lives. This is a great way to introduce Indigenous cultures in conversation and to generate art that involves collaboration. The final song will be posted on a special web page at Visual art sessions also available.

Native American Storytelling and Music Includes:

  • Native American Storyteller Sondra Segundo (when available)
  • STYLE teaching artist(s)
  • Performance of song inspired by the book for each class
  • Cross-curricular lessons in ELA critical thinking and musical concepts
  • Discussions surrounding the book and how the relate to us
  • Webpage for each class
  • Creation of original song in collaboration with STYLE and students
  • Recording of each class’s creation (Mp3 download or email)
  • Visual Arts lesson if requested and time allows(2 sessions needed)

We align with the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills.

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Project Based Learning

Students work in a highly collaborative environment, building lasting connections to reading, music, fellow classmates, and the world.


We challenge students to think critically and connect the themes of a book to themselves, to other texts, and to real world problems.


Students collaborate in the songwriting process, applying their connections and conversations to generate a song inspired by the book.


Taking their collaborative work to the next level, students create artwork and a professional recording of their song using 21st century skills and technology.

STYLE Programs

Songwriting/Library Program

STYLE works with every single class inside your elementary school during scheduled library time. Every class will create a song inspired by a book read in class.

Multiple session Elementary Residency

We will take your students on a journey from finding inspiration in a book, to writing and recording a song with professional musicians and producers.

Native American Storytelling Program with Sondra Segundo

Create a sports anthem inspired by the Native American story of the Thunderbird.

Sound FX and Storytelling through Sound

This program focuses on the creation of sound effects inside movies TV, video games, live theater and radio. This program can be delivered in-person and virtual. We touch on elements of science and sound.

Dance and Movement with Franchesska Berry

Join Franchesska Berry in discussing Dance, Movement and Storytelling through her West African culture.

Hybrid Program with both In-Person and Virtual elements

Your students will journey through the songwriting and recording process inspired by a book taught by Teaching Artists from all over the country through 3 Days of video lessons. The final 2 days of the session will be with STYLE’s Songwriting and production team in the classroom.

Specialized Program for your school

Do you want something special for your school surrounding Music, Books, Dance, Sound FX or more. Let us know! We’ll work to do what is best for your school.

Assembly (When available)

We’ll come to your school and put on a music/reading oriented assembly. Educational and fun!

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