Filmmaking, Storytelling, and Technology

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Filmmaking, Storytelling, and Technology

Let’s collaborate together through the inspiration of books!
45-60 min single class (Grades 1-8)

Two instructors, both professionally active in the film and music community, lead a group of students in creating a short film. Over the course of ten weekly one hour sessions students develop their creative storytelling skills while also learning the basic operations of cameras, tripods, interchangeable lenses, green-screens, lights, mobile sound capture devices, microphones and video editing software. The science behind these devices will be investigated as we see them in practice. Previous projects include playground nature documentaries, sports drama, and narrative fiction. The instructors are there to teach, facilitate, and edit video while all of the storytelling is youth directed. This project is necessarily collaborative so students should come ready to engage in a creative social environment. On the tenth week of the program parents are invited to join the class for the world premier of the video and a Q&A with the cast.

Filmmaking, Storytelling, and Technology Includes:

  • STYLE teaching artist(s)
  • Videos of the nature that surrounds Seattle
  • Cross-curricular lessons that combine Science, ELA and technology.
  • Discussions surrounding the images on the screen and the technology behind creating sounds
  • Webpage for each class
  • Creation of original movie clip in collaboration with Teaching Artist and students
  • Recording of each class’s creation (Mp3 download or email)
  • 10 Week after School Programs available
  • Single sessions also available focused on Sound FX

We align with the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills.

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Project Based Learning

Students work in a highly collaborative environment, building lasting connections to reading, music, fellow classmates, and the world.


We challenge students to think critically and connect the themes of a book to themselves, to other texts, and to real world problems.


Students collaborate in the songwriting process, applying their connections and conversations to generate a song inspired by the book.


Taking their collaborative work to the next level, students create artwork and a professional recording of their song using 21st century skills and technology.

STYLE In-School Programs

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