Our 5 Day in-school residencies are designed to engage middle school students in a deeper and more meaningful way through the magic of songwriting. STYLE Teaching Artists will push into the classroom to work directly with students and teachers.

Students will expand their understanding of the source material through:

  • Individual writing
  • Group process
  • Direct instruction

The STYLE program gives students an opportunity to express their ideas through music in an engaging and profound way. Through powerful speaking and listening exercises, students engage in a project that drives group learning. This collaboration becomes the framework for in-depth discussion about the source material. Students will finish the program having written an original song inspired by the source material and work with a professional audio engineer and producer to create an audio recording for each class.

For this week-long program, STYLE builds in aspects of the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills connecting reading, writing and music while inspiring communication and collaboration to make the workshop educational and fun!

Teachers and schools have the opportunity to choose a book already in their curriculum for the program. Our goal is to create outreach for as many classes as possible in a single grade level at the school.  The program should be set directly after classes have read and analyzed the chosen book with their classroom teacher, and STYLE can be used as an assessment strategy to support deeper understanding of the book in a fun and exciting way!

What will students gain from this experience?

STYLE Teaching Artists come into your school and work with your students to write music inspired by the reading that is already part of their class’ curriculum.

  • An exciting experience with professional musicians.
  • A closer look at the world of creating music and art.
  • A deeper and more personal understanding of the source material.
  • A collaborative opportunity for students to create something new and exciting!
  • A recording of the song co-written by the students and Teaching Artist

What do we need from the school, teachers, and students?

In order for you to get the most out of your STYLE 5 day residency experience it is important that we work together.

  • Please have the students either read the book, or have the book read to them.
  • Have discussions relevant to the book before the STYLE teaching artists begin the program
  • A space available for STYLE Teaching Artists to set up our sound equipment.
  • Please be available to work with STYLE teaching artists on program details in the time leading up to your program.

Questions about the STYLE 5 Day Residency?

Learning With STYLE

“Igniting students’ passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education.”