STYLE Remote Learning Program

A fun, safe, and collaborative online learning environment for students to develop key reading and critical thinking skills.

STYLE is dedicated to staying connected with students in our community and all over the world. We’ve created online resources to help students develop essential reading and critical thinking skills. They will gain the ability to apply those skills in their every day lives to positvely impact the communities in which they live.

STYLE Teaching Artists will read stories with your students, perform their own music inspired by that book, and your students will have the opportunity to contribute their own thoughts and words into a brand new creation in collaboration with our Teaching Artists.

On this page you will find our FREE learning resources, as well as information about our online classes.

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  • You Are Not Alone | Read-A-Loud Interactive Video Series


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Remote Learning Program is easy to use!



Watch New weekly video (10-15min)


Class Sign ups available (45-50min)


Mid-Week Concert Series @ 10am on Facebook Live


Class Sign ups available (45-50min)


New Video released for the coming week


Special Class signups available on request

[email protected]


Watch Weekly Video

(Read-Aloud and Soundtrack)

  • Every Friday, new read-aloud video with original soundtrack released (10-15 min long)

  • While watching video, reflect on the experience using Essential Questions

  • Stick around to the end of the video where we’ll perform an original song inspired by the book


Sign up for One Group Class Per Week

  • Sign up for your desired class time using button links and forms.

  • Donations are accepted on the form. Attend free of charge if needed.

  • Email sent to you on completing form. 2nd the day prior to class time with virtual classroom link.


Co-Write Music with STYLE Teaching Artists

  • Class session will be a look at collaborative songwriting inspired by books.

  • Session may include students from all over the country and world.

  • Our Teaching Artists will run the meeting, working to get all students involved.

  • Final Co-written song will be posted on the website to enjoy.

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What will students gain from this experience?

STYLE Teaching Artists come into your school’s library and work with your students to create music inspired by your chosen book.

  • An exciting experience with professional musicians.
  • A closer look at the world of creating music and art.
  • A deeper and more personal understanding of the source material.
  • A collaborative opportunity for students to create something new and exciting!
  • A recording of the song co-written by the students and Teaching Artist

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Igniting students’ passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education.

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