STYLE Hybrid/Remote Learning Program

A fun, safe, and collaborative online learning environment for students to develop key reading and critical thinking skills.

STYLE is dedicated to staying connected with students in our community and all over the world. We’ve created online resources to help students develop essential reading and critical thinking skills. They will gain the ability to apply those skills in their every day lives to positvely impact the communities in which they live.

STYLE Teaching Artists can Read stories, perform songs, collaborate with students, bring Native American stories to life, Show storytelling through sound FX, tell stories through dance and movement or something new we can create just for you.

On this page you will learning about our list of programs and lessons for purchase as well as find our FREE learning resources and classes made available for students who are unable to afford the program.

Check out what programs we are looking at providing in the 2020-21 school year

Booking coming soon!

Be inspired

Create a song inspired by a book of your choice!

Specialized Programming for your school or library

What do you need?

STYLE is ready to work with your schools schedule and needs. We know this is going to be a year of learning, collaboration and compromise. We are ready to work with you and your students.

What will students gain from this experience?

STYLE Teaching Artists come into your school’s library and work with your students to create music inspired by your chosen book.

  • An exciting experience with professional musicians.
  • A closer look at the world of creating music and art.
  • A deeper and more personal understanding of the source material.
  • A collaborative opportunity for students to create something new and exciting!
  • A recording of the song co-written by the students and Teaching Artist

501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Igniting students’ passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education.

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